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Library Rules


  1. Library working hours



      Monday to Saturday

      9:30 AM to 5:30 PM



    Library shall remain closed during holidays observed by the University

  2. Membership

    • Central Library is open for all teaching faculty, students and non-teaching members of the university including members of the affiliated colleges. However, borrowing facility is restricted to the members of the Sikkim University only.
  3. Duration of loan and overdue charges





    Teaching Faculty


      30 days

      Rs. 5/- per day per book for all categories of user

    Students & Scholars


      30 days


    Non-Teaching Staffs


      30 days


    The entitlement of students of science library to borrow books from both the libraries will not exceed 5.

  4. Before you enter the Library

    Users are expected to sign the register at the entrance gate under the respective category for the purpose of library statistics and also as an assurance from the members that they will use the library under the rules and ethics prescribed to them mainly to:

    1. Maintaining silence.

    2. Switching off mobile before you enter the library.

    3. Keeping bags and other belongings at the property counter with no valuable items inside.

    4. Ensuring that your personal books are not taken inside the library.

    5. Once issued book are taken inside the library these should be returned.

    6. Foods items are not to be taken into the library.

    7. Use the authorized gate to enter and exit. The other gate is exclusively for the use of landlord and his family members.

  5. Inside the Library

    Registered and authorized users are allowed to use the library with privileges and following responsibilities:

    1. Keep silences without any cross talk with others users sitting beside.

    2. Attend phone calls outside the library or in corridors in slow voice.

    3. Not to disturb sequence of the books on the shelves.

    4. After consultation of books, keep them on the table and don’t shelve them yourself.

    5. Library should be exclusively used for academic purpose. Use of social networking sites are not allowed.

  6. While Check in checkout

    1. While issuing and returning of books,  the receipts generated by the system during check –in and check-out  should be checked and verified, ensuring that book issued and returned are correct.

    2. It is entirely responsibility of the users  if some books while check-in and check-out are not identified by the system. The claim of the students will not be entertained, if they plead that books were returned but were not detected/ returned by the computer.  Don’t destroy your issue and return slips till next transaction.

    3. The physical status of the book before issue should be checked. If it is damaged bring it into the notice of the library staff.

    4. Some of the computers are marked for the use of e-resources available in the university network and OPAC. These should be used exclusively for the same purpose.

    5. Reference bookstand journals  are not issued including books in special collection.

  7. General

    1. Violation of any rules and misbehavior with the library staff will be viewed seriously which may result in cancellation of membership and other punishment which university maydeem fit.

    2. Exemption of library fines is not ordinarily allowed.

Head:    Professor A S Chandel

Office Tel. No. 03592-251060

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Library                                                                   

The Central Library started growing since February 2008 in a rented premises having floor area of about 1000 sq. ft. Presently, it occupies more than 9000 sq. ft. capable of accommodating about 70, 000/ books. University right from its inception has a priority to build up a good university library. University library is considered as the heart as well as index of all academic activities of the institution. The mandate to strengthen the collection and improve the services is one of the important agendas of the university. Though, being a newly established library of only about 8 years old, housed in a rented building, functioning with minimum staff strength of 6 persons is comparable to any other old university library of the country so far as modernization and infrastructure facilities are concerned. The concept of modern library implies the adoption of new technologies to multiply and simplify the services to the utmost satisfaction of the users which the Library has successfully achieved.

It provides web-enabled accessibility to its resources within the campus as well as outside. Up-to-date Online Public Catalogue is web-enabled with the facilities of self-check-out and check-in, on-line reservation, renewal of issued books, recommendations for purchase of books, daily notification of new arrival of books. All collection is RFID tagged to facilitate users to be independent in returning and issue of books. Whole library premises is Wi-Fi enabled with good speed of connectivity. For security purpose, all the floors of the library are fitted with CCTV with electronic exit gate which prevents any unauthorized document to be taken from the library.

Collection Initiatives

The first priority of a new University library is to develop a good library collection meeting the information needs of its 29 academic departments. At present, library has achieved the target of 45,000 books. It subscribes to more than 240 journals in addition to the e-resources available under UGC consortium. The Library also has a small collection of 1178 Braille books. This was in addition to e-resources available under UGC-Infonet which provides access to over 7000 e-resources. To supplement these resources, the Library also subscribes to IndiaStat database, Economic Outlook (CMIE) and DelCON (database of Department of Biotechnology, Library Consortium), IEEE database on Computer applications. Library has a proposal to subscribe more e-resources during the year 2016-17. Library also has been getting free trial access to various e-books and other e-resources from time to time for evaluation and to assess the usability of these resources. Library organized book exhibition during the month of May, 2015 in which many publishers participated. The selection was made mainly from the publications of Academic Press, Taylor and Francis, Springers, Oxford University Press, etc. The costs of the recommended books comes to over Rs. 2 Cr.

Special Collection and Donated Books

Prof A.C. Sinha, former Professor of Sociology, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, has donated his whole collection which includes rich collection on North-East including Nepal and Bhutan. The collection also includes PhD theses submitted in various Universities. Some of the rare documents on Sikkim and Himalayan studies are being digitized to strengthen the digital resources on North East. Prof. Mahendra P. Lama former VC of this University and the present VC Prof T B Subba also have donated good number of books to the library. Similar efforts are being made to enrich the collection from other donors. Library received 317 books as gratis from other sources during 2014-15. Library has also developed special collection on North East India in print as well as in digital format.

Opening of the Departmental Libraries

Since departments are located distantly from one another as well as from the Central Library, therefore the need to establish departmental libraries was felt. University already has a science library to serve science faculty and students located at one place. About 12 departmental libraries were opened during the year, some of them will be opened during 2015-16 so that textbook collections are easily available to the students at departmental level.


During the beginning of the academic session every year, library organizes users awareness programme to familiarize students with the functioning and services of the library. The main course contents of the programme are – how to make best use of library and internet resources, what are the different search strategies being followed by search engines, publishers and others producers of the information products, to identify and introduce e-resources to each department according to their needs.

Library caters to the information needs of more than 2000 students and over 120 faculty members. It also offers consultation services to the students and faculty members of all affiliated colleges of Sikkim University.

New on-line service - Current Contents of Journals’ on DSpace platform was initiated to promote the usage of journals being subscribed by the library. All issues of the journals available in the library are being digitized for archival as well as future use. Library signage were developed during the year to make library self-explanatory and user friendly.

Institutional Repository

Library started digitization work after acquiring all equipment and infrastructure. It plans to  develop Institutional Repository with all institutional publications, archival of open access e-books and e-journals, administrative documents and other resources useful to the University. The creation of databases on Eastern Himalayas and North East is the priority areas.

Future Vision

University has been considering the proposal of e-books purchase and subscription of other relevant e-resources which could not materialize due to lack of internet facilities at the departmental level. Library server has not been accessible from the departments which are distantly located from the Central Library. Now all the departments have been connected to the server of Central Library by using optical fiber cabling which may considerably promote the usage of e-resources. Proposal for the purchase of e-books is under active consideration of the University. Library during the subsequent years will enrich its collection of e-resources.








Postal Address:

6th Mile Samdur
P.O. Tadong
Gangtok - 737102


Contact details:
Phone: +91-3592-251468
Fax: +91-3592-251067
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