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                          Statement of the categories of documents that are held by the Department or under its control

                          Act, Statute, Ordinance, Land related documents, UGC approval letter, Fund sanction/ release order by UGC, fund
                          sanction/ release order by MHRD and other Funding agencies, Sanction of posts by UGC.

                          Decision of the authorities:

                          Proceeding of the meeting of the Executive Council
                          Proceeding of the meeting of the Finance Committee
                          Proceeding of the meeting of the Planning Board & Academic Council
                          Proceeding of the meeting of the School Board, Board of Studies, Master Plan of the University
                          Building Committee
                          Proceedings of Selection Committee
                          Assets Register
                          Stock Register
                          Building Register
                          Roster Register, NT & PWD
                          Annual Accounts with AG (Audit) Report.
                          Personal files/ Service books of all employees
                          Contract / Agreement / Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs)
                          Students information
                          Examination results

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