RE 1- Regulation for meeting of the Executive Council

RE 2- Regulations for Meeting of Academic Council

RE 3- Regulations for the meetings of the Finance Committee

RE 4- Regulations_on_Conduct_of_Examinations

RE 5- Regulations of Alumni Association

RE 6- Regulations on Endowments and other Trust Funds

RE 7- B.Ed. part time Regulations

                       RE 8-  Regulation for Certificate and Diploma Courses. [English] [Hindi]

                       RE 9- Regulation for conduct of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D.) Programme.[English] [Hindi]

                       RE 10- Regulation for conduct of MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY (MPhil) Programme.[English] [Hindi]

                       RE 11- Regulation for conduct of the B. Voc Programme.[English] [Hindi]

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