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  Dr. Dhriti Roy
  Designation: Associate Professor
  Date of Joining: 02.05.2023 (A/N)
  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Academic record & distinction

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Chinese (First Class First), Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan (2001)
  • Master of Arts in Chinese (First Class First), Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan (2003)
  • PhD in Chinese, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan; Thesis Title: “A Critical Study of India-China Monastic Relations in the Fifth Century C.E. Based on a New Annotated Translation of Fo-Guo-Ji (Fa Xian’s Itinerary)”
  • UGC-NET JRF (December 2002) & SRF (2006) in Chinese
  • Two Year Language Proficiency Certificate Course in Japanese with Distinction, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan (2001)
  • Two Year Language Proficiency Certificate Course in Tibetan with Distinction, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan (2004)
  • Awarded Chinese Government Scholarship as an Advanced Studies Student under the Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme for one year intensive training in modern Chinese language (Mandarin) at Beijing Normal University (2008-2009)
  • Nominated under the Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme as Senior Visiting Scholar for specialization in Sino-Indian Relations, Buddhology and manuscriptologyat Peking University, China (2009-2010)

Proficient in the following languages

  • Bangla, Hindi, English, Mandarin (Chinese), Japanese, Tibetan

Awards and Recognition

  • Life Member of the Research Centre for Eastern and Northeastern Regional Studies, Kolkata (CENERS-K), 2021.
  • Awarded University Research Fund Award by Sikkim University, 2016for conducting original research on a Chinese Buddhist manuscript on Prajna-paramita Sutra at the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology
  • Recipient of the Best Paper Awardfor academic paper presentation at the International Conference on India-China Relations: Implications for Peace and Prosperity of Asia, UGC Centre for Southeast Asian and Pacific Studies, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India, 11-14 October 2014.
  • Recipient of the2013 Mira Sinha Bhattacherjea Awardfor the best academic paper presented by a promising scholar at the 6th All India Conference of Chinese Studies, organized by the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), New Delhi and IIM, Kozhikode, 12-14 December, 2013.
  • Nominated as the Best Emerging Scholar from India on India China Studies to present academic paper at the Second Interdisciplinary Symposium for Emerging Scholars at the India China Institute, New School, New York, 3-4 March 2013.
  • Awarded 9/10 scholarship for participation in the Four-Week Buddhist Summer Program held in Beijing and Suzhou, held under the collaboration and sponsorship of Renmin University of China, Tzu Chi University of Taiwan and University of British Columbia, Canada, Aug 2009.
  • Awarded National Scholarship under National Scholarship Scheme for securing highest marks in Bachelor’s progamme in Chinese, 2002.

 Areas of Specialization

Classical Chinese and sinological studies, advanced interpretation and translation in modern Mandarin, pre-modern India-China relations, Chinese philosophy and intellectual history

 Research Publications

Book in Translation

  1. Roy, Dhriti (2020). ZhenliaoSuo诊疗所 (First-ever complete translation in the world of the SahityaAkademi-award winning Bengali Novel Arogyaniketan by Shri TarashankarBandopadhyay into Chinese (New Delhi: SahityaAkademi), published under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Project as announced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in June 2019 at Bishkek, Kyrgystan, ISBN: 978-93-90310-96-8

 Articles in UGC CARE and Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journals

  1. Roy, Dhriti (2021). “The Political Rhetoric of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics: A Confucian Prototype or a Capitalist Archetype?”, The Calcutta Journal of Global Affairs (Kolkata: Research Centre for Eastern and Northeastern Regional Studies),Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 178-198, UGC CARE Arts and Humanities Index, Sl. No. 347, ISSN: 2582-2241
  1. Roy, Dhriti (2020). “Da Bore BoluoMiduo Jing: An Ancient Chinese Buddhist Manuscript on the PrajñāpāramitāSūtraDiscovered in Sikkim”, The Maha Bodhi, The Buddhist International Journal (Kolkata: Maha Bodhi Society of India), 2564 B.E., Vol. 128, pp. 41-49, UGC CARE Arts and Humanities Index, Sl. No. 354, ISSN: 0025-0406
  2. Roy, Dhriti (2020). “Bone, Stone and Throne: Exploring the Rise of Relic Veneration Cult and its Impact upon Pre-modern Chinese Society”, Dharmadoot (Sarnath: Maha Bodhi Society of India), 2564 B.E., Vol. 86, pp. 17-34. UGC CARE Arts and Humanities Index, Sl. No. 65, ISSN: 2347-3428
  3. Roy, Dhriti (2020). “China’s Intellectual Development in Modern Times”, Third Concept, An International Journal of Ideas. (New Delhi: Third Concept),Vol. 34, No. 403, pp. 38-41, UGC CARE Multidisciplinary Index, Sl. No. 52, ISSN: 0970-7247
  4. Roy, Dhriti (2019). “Retracing the Footsteps of Few of the Earliest Chinese Buddhist Nuns: Some Reflections on the Introduction of the Bhiksunisamgha in China in the Fifth Century Common Era”, The Maha Bodhi, Mahabodhi Society of India, 2563 BE, Vol. 126, Buddha Jayanti Issue, ISSN No: 0025-0406, UGC CARE Arts and Humanities, Sl. No. 354, pp. 28-39, ISSN: 0025-0406
  5. Roy, Dhriti. (2017). “The Monk, the Pilgrim, the Scholar: Rediscovering Shi Faxian as the Chief Architect of Chinese Buddhist Monastic Tradition”, The Mahabodhi, Mahabodhi Society of India, 2561 BE, Vol. 124, No. 1, Buddha Jayanti Special Issue, ISSN No: 0025-0406, UGC CARE Arts and Humanities, SL. NO. 354, pp. 51-59,ISSN: 0025-0406
  6. Roy, Dhriti (2017). “Transition in Chinese Literature, Chinese Literature in Transition: A Critical Study of ‘New Period Literature’ and its Representative Literary Genre, ‘Scar Literature” in Research and Criticism, Journal of the Department of English, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, pp. 77-89,ISSN: 2229-3639
  7. Roy, Dhriti. (2016). “Hindu Gosains and Tantric Buddhism: Glimpses of the Complex Patterns of Cultural Negotiations in Pre-modern Bengal and Tibet through Chinese Historical Records”, in the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IJIRC), Volume III, Issue I, IISN No: 2455-2275, pp. 60-71, http://ijirc.com/archives.php?issue=january
  8. Roy, Dhriti (2016). “Rising from the Crevasse of Time: Retracing the Sojourn of Bodh Gaya through History”, TheMahabodhi, Mahabodhi Society of India, 2560 BE, Vol. 123, No. Buddha Jayanti Issue, ISSN No: 0025-0406, UGC CARE LIST, Arts and Humanities, SL. No. 354, pp. 42-48,ISSN: 0025-0406
  9. Roy, Dhriti. (2014). “Chinese Humanist Thought on State and Society: Is There Something to Learn from Ancient Chinese Philosophical Writings for Modern Governments”, in the International Journal of Languages and Linguistics, Centre for Promoting Ideas CPI, USA, http://ijllnet.com/journal/index/2121, 22 September, ISSN No: 2374-8850, pp. 15-29
  10. Roy, Dhriti (2012-2013). “Dynamics of Early Buddhist Dissemination on the Foreign Soil of China: A Critical Study”, TheMahabodhi, Mahabodhi Society of India, 2557 B.E. Vol. 120, No. ISSN No: 0025-0406, UGC CARE LIST, GROUP I, Arts and Humanities, SL. No. 354, pp. 12-18,ISSN: 0025-0406
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  12. Y. Kumar and Roy, Dhriti (2007). “Tagore’s Role in Strengthening Sino-Indian Relations”, Dialogue Quarterly, ISSN: 0973-0095, UGC CARE LIST, Multidisciplinary, SL. No. 5, pp. 70-78
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  2. Roy, Dhriti. (2003) “Gurudeva’s Monumental Role in Cementing Sino-Indian Cultural Interface”, in The Visva-Bharati Quarterly (New Series Vol.12, No 1 & 2 April 2003 – September 2003), pp. 25-31, ISSN: 0972-043X

Chapters Contributed in Edited Books

  1. Roy, Dhriti (2020). “Buddhist Centres in Pre-modern India through the Eyes of a Chinese Buddhist Monk: An Historical Survey”, in Heritage of Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Volume III, Delhi: B.R. Publishing, pp. 591-604.
  2. Roy, Dhriti (2019). “Continuity, integration or metamorphosis? Retracing the evolution of China’s social structure and cultural identity through history”, edited by GeetaKochhar, Modern China: Society, Culture and Literature, London: Routledge, pp. 61-84.
  3. Roy, Dhriti (2017). “GaosengFaxianZhuan高僧法显傳: The Earliest Extant Chinese Manuscript on Indian Kingdoms, A Critical Study” in ProjitPalit and SusmitaPalitSaha (ed.), Manuscript and Indian Culture, New Delhi: Kaveri Books, pp. 216-236.

Project Assignments

  • Principal Investigator under the University Research Fund Award of Sikkim University and translator for a 12th century Chinese Buddhist Manuscript on the Prajna-paramita sutra housed at the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, 2016.
  • Translator for the international project, “84,000: Translating the Words of the Buddha”, a nonprofit global initiative, funded by the Non-Profit Organization, called the Buddhist Literary Heritage, New York, USA, January 2014 to December 2015
  • Editorial and research assistant for the project, titled, “Encyclopedia of India China Cultural Contacts”, initiative jointly undertaken by the Governments of India and China and published by the Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs, 2014
  • E-content developer for 35 modules (prepared in 4 quadrants for each module) for Post-graduate Chinese Course for the paper, titled, Chinese Grammar (Paper II) for UGC-E-PATHSHALA under University Grants Commission, New Delhi, June 2014-2016.

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