Sh. Ash Bahadur Subba

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  Shri. Ash Bahadur Subba

  Designation: Associate Professor

  Date of Joining: 15/02/2020

  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic Record and Distinction:

MA (Limbu) Sikkim University, Silver Medal
MA (Public Administration), Madurai Kamaraj University
M.Phil (Public Administration), Madurai Kamaraj University

Areas of Specialization:

Latest Publications:

  • Subba, Ash Bahadur (2018) Limboo, The Languages of Sikkim, People’s Linguistic Survey of India, pp105-121
  • Subba, Ash Bahadur Subba (2017) Media in Minority Languages of Sikkim. Journalism in North East India, Gauhati University, pp 130-138
  • Subba, Ash Bahadur (2016) Limboo Language of Sikkim: Quest for Survival in the Face of Globalisation. Research Journal of the Department of Bodo, Bodoland University, p1.
  • Subba, Ash Bahadur (2015) The Limboo Mundhum in Oral Literature, GUNEIS Journal, 2nd Issue, Gauhati University, pp 10-17
  • Subba, Ash Bahadur, (2015) The Limboo Traditions and Rituals, Proceedings of Limbu International Conference, Kathmandu.


  • Subba Buddhi Lal and Subba, Ash Bahadur (2017) sapsokkiba ingjum nu yakthung sapsok (Literary Theory in Limbu version)
  • Subba, Ash Bahadur (2016) Growth and Development of Limboo Language in Sikkim (English version)
  • Subba, Ash Bahadur and Buddhi Lal (2016) yakthung pangwa-ila: powen nu thobo (Drama in Limbu version).

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