Ms. Samidha Vedabala

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samidha vedabala

  Ms. Samidha Vedabala
Assistant Professor

  Date of Joining: 02/03/2012
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Academic record & distinction

Masters and Ph.D from Rabindra Bharati University

UGC NET in Music

Areas of Specialization

Instrumental Music (Sitar)

Research Topic - Stylistic Evolution of Sitar Baaj in 20th and 21st Century

Other areas of Interest- Research in Music, Music Performance, Music Education.

Latest Publications


  1. Vedabala S (2021), Sitar Music: Dynamics of Structure and its Playing Techniques, Wizard Publishers,New Delhi.
  2. Vedabala S (2021), Simplifying Research in Music,Wizard Publishers, New Delhi.
  3. Vedabala S (2021),Research in Performance Studies:A study of the graduate students of music, Dutta.K(Eds.), Kaleidoscopic Vision of Music,110-118,Saga.

Journal Papers

  1. Vedabala S (2020), Life in COVID-19, A Study of Indian Classical Music  and Musicians, Journal of the Social Sciences 48(04),2890-2895.
  2. Bandopadhyay S, Vedabala S (2020), Experiencing Hindustani Raga Music: A Select Study from Kolkata, Rupkatha journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humnities12(4),1-11.
  3. Vedabala S (2018), Application of Abstract Music in Advertisement, International Journal of Research and Analytical Review 5(4),517-522.

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