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dr a ravi prakash

  Dr. A. Ravi Prakash
  Designation: Assistant Professor
  Date of joining: 01/05/2014
  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Academic degrees including the names of institutions awarding the same:

M.Com, Ph.D from Osmania University
M.B.A from Pendekanti Institute of Management
UGC-NET Qualified

Areas of specialization


Latest Publications

  1. Prakash, Ravi A. (2009) ‘Corporate Philanthropy – a Sectorial analysis of India’, Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi, Anno LXIV, n.4 – Luglio-Agosto       (Italian Publication).
  2. Prakash, Ravi A. (2012) ‘Role of CSR in Rural Entrepreneurship’, Atti della Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi, Anno LXVII, n.1 – Gennaio-Febbraio 2012 (Italian Publication).
  3. Prakash, Ravi A. (2008) ‘Evolution of Slow Food Market’, Osmania Journal of Management, 4(8).

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