Dr. Anil Kumar Misra

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   Dr. Anil Kumar Misra


   Date of Joining: 29/11/2017

   E mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic record & distinction

MSc (University of Lucknow)

PhD (University of Lucknow)

UGC-NET in Earth and Atmospheric Science

PhD topic: “Integrated water resource management and planning in dark areas of Agra and Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh”

Areas of Specialization

Hydrogeology, Remote Sensing & GIS and Geophysical Investigation

Latest Publications

  1. Niragi Dave, Anil Kumar Misra, AmitSrivastava, Anil Kumar Sharma & S.K Kaushik (2017). Study on Quaternary concrete micro-structure, strength, durability considering the influence of multi-factors. Construction and Building Materials139: 447-457.(Impact factor: 3.169).
  2. Anil Kumar Misra, AnkitPachouri&AmandeepKaur (2015). Watershed Management Structures and Decision Making Frameworks. Water Resource Management (Springer): 29 (13): 4849-4861. (Impact factor: 2.848).
  3. Anil Kumar Misra, and Ajay Mishra ( Study of Quaternary aquifers in Ganga Plain, India: focus on Groundwater salinity, fluoride and fluorosis.Journal of Hazardous Material144 (1-2): 438–448. (Impact factor: 6.065).


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